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Graffitti Beanie

Graffitti Beanie

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Elevate your winter fashion with our Wool Cap Aesthetic Knitted Hat, meticulously crafted to offer warmth and style in Harajuku-inspired fashion. This quality wool cap, featuring a hundred-take design, blends K-pop fashion with net red aesthetics, suitable for both men and women seeking a trendy and warm accessory.

Key Features:
1. Aesthetic Knit Design: Offers a unique hundred-take pattern for an expressive aesthetic.
2. Quality Wool Material: Provides warmth and comfort for colder seasons.
3. Harajuku Fashion: Infuses elements of Harajuku style for a trendy and vibrant look.
4. K-Pop Inspired: Reflects the vibrant and expressive fashion from Korean pop culture.
5. Unisex Wear: Perfect for both men and women seeking a stylish and cozy winter beanie.

Stay fashion-forward and warm with this Harajuku Hundred-Take Wool Cap, fusing K-pop and Harajuku aesthetics into a stylish and comfortable winter accessory.

Package Includes:
- 1 Wool Cap Aesthetic Knitted Hat

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