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Hellhound Hoodie

Hellhound Hoodie

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Embrace Harajuku-inspired street fashion with our American Harajuku Y2K Gothic Skull Print Hoodie. This retro-inspired sweatshirt redefines casual style, featuring a bold skull print, elastic long sleeves, and a loose fit for a trendy streetwear statement.

Key Features:
1. Gothic Skull Print: Bold and edgy, adding a retro-inspired vibe to your streetwear ensemble.
2. Retro Street Style: Infuses Y2K nostalgia with modern Harajuku-inspired trends.
3. Elastic Long Sleeves: Provides flexibility and a retro look for added style.
4. Loose Fit Comfort: Offers a relaxed silhouette for comfortable and effortless wear.
5. Streetwear Statement: Ideal for men seeking an expressive and trendy urban look.

Make a bold fashion statement with this Harajuku Y2K-inspired hoodie, combining retro aesthetics with streetwear comfort and style.

Package Includes:
- 1 Harajuku Y2K Gothic Skull Print Retro Hoodie
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