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Skelly Hand Hoodieshirt

Skelly Hand Hoodieshirt

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Step into the street fashion scene with our 2023 New Autumn Street Goth Skull Fingerprint Sweatshirt, meticulously designed to embody American Y2K hip-hop and punk vibes. This thin, loose hoodie redefines urban style, featuring skull prints and fingerprint motifs for a unique and expressive fashion statement.

Key Features:
1. Street Goth Design: Bold skull prints and fingerprint motifs for an edgy and expressive look.
2. Y2K American Hip-Hop Influence: Infuses nostalgia with modern streetwear trends.
3. Thin Sweatshirt Style: Ideal for layering and providing a fashionable autumn appeal.
4. Loose Punk Style: Offers a relaxed silhouette for a hip and casual street fashion vibe.
5. Unisex Couple Hoodie: Perfect for couples seeking a versatile and stylish matching outfit.

Elevate your streetwear with this street goth sweatshirt, blending Y2K hip-hop aesthetics with punk style, ideal for an edgy yet trendy autumn fashion ensemble.

Package Includes:
- 1 Skelly Hand Hoodie

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