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NLH Hoodie

NLH Hoodie

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Step into vintage streetwear with our 2023 Gothic Spider Print Hoodie, meticulously designed to evoke Y2K vibes and Gothic aesthetics. This plush pullover redefines autumn-winter comfort, featuring a bold spider print and Harajuku-inspired high street fashion.

Key Features:
1. Gothic Spider Print: Bold and vintage, adding an edgy touch to your streetwear ensemble.
2. Plush Comfort: Soft and warm fabric perfect for cozy autumn-winter wear.
3. Y2K Streetwear Appeal: Reflects the era's style while embracing modern high street trends.
4. Harajuku High Street Fashion: Infuses a touch of Harajuku fashion for a trendy statement.
5. Versatile Vintage Style: Ideal for casual outings, adding a unique edge to everyday fashion.

Make a bold fashion statement with this vintage-inspired spider print hoodie, combining comfort with an edgy streetwear aesthetic perfect for autumn and winter.

Package Includes:
- 1 Vintage Gothic Spider Print Plush Hoodie
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